Historic Female Sculptors

Historic Female Sculptors

The world of art history is filled with notable women. However, the world of sculpture doesn’t start featuring big name female stars until the beginning of the 1800s. The numbers steadily increased as the world started recognizing their accomplishments that were once ignored. It’s important to learn about these hard working artists because many of them toiled away in obscurity during their own time. If you’re not familiar with a lot of women sculptors from around the world, take the time to read up on their history.

Today’s Women Sculptors

Today's Women Sculptors

You don’t have to look only into the past to find inspiring women sculptors. Today’s art world is packed with inspiring women working on large scale sculpture projects. Some of the best known figurative and abstract artists are women shaping stone, ceramic, and other materials to create amazing, beautiful works. Once you know their names, you can look up their best known sculptures to admire-and perhaps even collect their work yourself for an inspiring new way to decorate your home.

Famous Sculptures

Famous Sculptures

The world is filled with exciting sculptures that are recognizable, and a surprising number of them were created by women. How many famous sculptures can you name? If you’re a little behind on your knowledge of this solid art form, find out new works to admire from afar. Expanding your love for artwork by women is easy with the variety of images available over the Internet of these sculptures and other popular hits from centuries past and modern artists alike.

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